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What We Do 

Running a successful ICO is a complex business with many moving parts and tight timelines. Every successful company entering the blockchain community brings their own deep expertise and ideas. We have identified six key areas which are pivotal to a effective ICO, we round out your profile with a breadth and depth across all of these and bring a standardised approach which is not simply out-of-the-box but tailored to fit you needs perfectly.

Business & Finance



  • Business concept development
  • Sponsorship/Representation
  • Funding, Pre-sale+ ICO
  • Legal entity set up + team
  • Onboard business partners
  • Demo, underlying technology, wallet
  • Minimum viable product
  • Infrastructure, scaling + security
  • Day-one feature set
  • Identify jurisdiction + corporate structure
  • Regulatory compliance, KYC, AML
  • Intellectual property
  • Business partners – due diligence & contractual agreements



  • Regulatory relations (filings and follow-ups; developments)
  • Stakeholders expectations
  • (Whitepaper, CVA ICO CoC, suitability)
  • Governance and process
  • Idea feasibility analysis
  • Social media, Blogs/Vlogs, Website
  • Roadshows + Events (Physical + Virtual)
  • Identify + win partners